Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Project, Pulau Indah

Status : In Progress

Location : Pulau Indah

Project Overview


  • Pulau Indah Power Plant Sdn Bhd (“PIPP”) (formerly known as Tadmax Indah Power Sdn. Bhd), a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Global Berhad (formerly known as Tadmax Resources Berhad), has been mandated by the Government of Malaysia to build and operate a 1,000~1,200MW (Dual-fired) Combined-Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) via the Energy Commission (EC).
  • The Conditional Letter of Award (CLoA) stipulated that the Scheduled Commercial Operational Date (SCOD) is on 1 January 2023.
  • The overall design, procurement, construction and commissioning would be executed on a turnkey basis. The power generated from the new power plant would be sold to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).
  • The proposed power plant will be located at Pulau Indah, Klang on a piece of 60 acres land owned by PIP.
  • The proposed power plant would comprise two (2) blocks Combine Cycle Power Plant (CCPP), with natural gas as the main fuel and distillate as the back-up fuel.
  • The selection of the proposed CCPP model would take into account fundamental issues such as technology, plant performance, maintainability, operational flexibility, environmental impacts, ‘foot-print’, life cycle costs and etc.
  • The selected gas turbine technology shall be of proven model and comprehensively validated.
  • The single-shaft CCPP is selected at this stage in view of its advantages such as high efficiency and availability, low life cycle costs, and small footprint.
  • The proposed power plant will provide adequate and reliable power supply to the surrounding industrial areas as well as the Klang Valley, where availability of power supply is crucial.
  • This project is in line with the Rancangan Fizikal Negara (RFN 39) and the Selangor State Structure Plan 2035 which states that power plants and transmission lines are strategic assets for state development.
  • High demand for electric power in the State of Selangor, especially in Klang, Kuala Langat and Sepang districts. It is desirable and more efficient if this energy source is obtained from nearby power plants with these large users in these areas.
  • The project will also reduce electricity imports from outside the area, thus the electricity supply will not be affected if there is a technical problem in the National Grid.
  • The Project will also be able to further strengthen the electrical energy infrastructure in the area and supply can be channeled to consumers more efficiently.
  • Stable, strong and available electrical infrastructure will stimulate the state of Selangor with the investors to create industry / factories and other economic activities
  • The construction of this power plant will also create many more opportunities for locals during construction as well as during operation. Locals can also engage with the many economic activities needed to support station operations.
  • On 27 July 2017, the Company had fulfilled the submissions requirement as stipulated in EC’s CLoA before the due date of 1 August 2017 , the following:
  1. A detailed project Feasibility
  2. Proof of Land Ownership; and
  3. A Banker’s cheque for a value of RM 10 Million, in place of a Commitment Bond, renewable on a 6-monthly basis till 31 December 2018.